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How Did a Dinosaur Turn Into a Bird

Tuesday 24th October 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

Roger Mayne Tours

Thursdays 12th, 19th & 26th October

Djanogly Art Gallery

Local Author Alison Moore: Location and Landscape

Thursday 26th October 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

For Him...Seven Decades of Male Grooming

Wednesday 8th November 10am

Performing Arts Studio

The Origins of Nottingham

Wednesday 15th November 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

Castrating Rochester: John Wilmot's Manuscript Poetry

Thursday 16th November 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

Stuart Maconie - Jarrow Road to Deep South

Friday 17th November 7.30pm

Djanogly Theatre

Assembling Vikings: thinking through things in the East Midlands

Wednesday 6th December 1pm

Lecture Theatre

Viking Hoards and the Making of England

Monday 11th decmebr 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

Love, Relationships and Other

Tuesday 12th December 7.30pm

Djanogly Theatre

Viking Warriors: Beyond broad spears and bloodshed

Wednesday 13th December 1pm

Lecture Theatre

Meet the Author: Clare Harvey

Thursday 14th December 2pm

Learning Studio

Holme from home? East Midland place-names and the story of Viking settlement

Wednesday 20th December 1pm

Lecture Theatre

Invasion, immigration, integration - or diaspora? New ways of looking at the Viking phenomenon

Friday 5th January 1pm

Lecture Theatre

Vikings in Your Vocabulary

Wednesday 10th January 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

Curator Tours

Weston Gallery

From Roman Bribes to Pictish Treasures - Early Silver in Scotland and Beyond

Wednesday 17th January 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

Viking Exhibition Tour

Tuesday 23rd January 1pm

Djanogly Art Gallery

Pagans and Christians

Wednesday 24th January 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

Touring the Vikings

Wednesday 31st January 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

Distinctiveness and Assimilation: Rediscovering Viking Age Stone Sculpture in the East Midlands

Wednesday 7th February 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

The Gleam of Silver: Viking Coins and Hoards

Wednesday 14th February 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

From Poetry to Reality: The Gold-Trimmed Sword Hilt in the Bedale Hoard

Wednesday 21st February 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

Repton and the legacy of the Viking Great Army

Wednesday 28th February 1pm

Djanogly Theatre

Panel Discussion: Contemporary Art and the Landscape Sublime

Lecture Theatre

Symposium: Scaling the Sublime

Saturday 24th March 10am

Lecture Theatre

Scaling Nottingham's Edges

Sunday 25th March 10am

Starting at Learning Studio

Gallery Tour: Nicholas Alfrey

Thursday 12th April 1pm

Djanogly Art Gallery

Gallery Tour:Rebecca Partridge

Thursday 3rd May 1pm

Djanogly Art Gallery

Gallery Tour: Neil Walker

Friday 25th May 1pm

Djanogly Art Gallery

Gallery Tour: New Perspectives

Friday 15th June 1pm

Djanogly Art Gallery